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This is just a small announcement. We will be having a a boxing week special, where you can get anything in the store for 2 for 40$ (includes: shirts with prints, long sleeve with prints, and selected airbrush prints. All other stuff can be negotiated at the store. So come on by!

This sale will end on the 2nd of January.


forever young…

A few years a go I made a trip to NYC, and my first stop was the KIDROBOT boutique.  Yes you heard correct, I went to New York City for toys. And I keep telling everyone that it aint a toy, its a collector’s item. The themes they come out with are not only artistic, but so creative.

I had to stop my obsession cus once you start putting “toys” on the evil VISA, it means you have a problem.

At a certain point I thought this would slowly fade but apparently they are still hot. I see them in music videos, movies, record stores, clothing stores….damn near everywhere.

Above you will see the Gloomy Bear beating up the child. I just find that too hilarious. I have the first Gloomy Bear and after seeing this one I think I’m just gonna have to cop it too.


Right now they have the Simpsons Collection out and it looks pretty sick.


check them out: KidRobot