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Yes it has been a few days since my last post. I’ve been very busy, and I will post what has been happening at Underground Creations soon.

Anyhow, in today’s fashion world we can all say that there is a handful of tshirt lines out there. We all notice that everyone is knocking off everyone and no one really stands out. There are a few out there, but they are completely in the underground and its hard to discover them. Trust me I know.

Well let me shed some light on a company I’ve had the pleasure designing for: BPlusCLothing

The whole concept for their clothing is simple. Taking inspiring words from some of the worlds top icons, and passing the message on through their clothing.

I think its a great thing that they are doing and its going against the grain on what clothing lines usually go for in terms of concept.

Other than the great images that these shirts have, the words are what we should focus on. I have always said that one of the most powerful things in this world, are the words that we put out into the universe.

BplusCLothing will be available online and stores soon and we will definitely keep you posted.

But for now, go check out there stuff: http://www.bplusclothing.com/



So this past weekend I went to see the Green Hornet. Now you would think that a movie with Seth Rogan would just be a comedy that you might be able to just wait till it comes on DVD. But I beg to differ. I for a fact enjoy Seth Rogan movies. The guy is straight up funny. But what caught my eye with this movie is the artwork that was included. In one of the scenes they go through the Nato’s sketch book, and it had drawings of car designs that reminded me of Chip Foose, famous hot rod shop owner and automotive designer that you may recall from the show “Overhaulin”on TLC. Now these sketches may not be drawn by him but it sure did inspire me to write this post on him. Foose’s sketches are amazing as you can see in the pics. To me its his stlye and sketch lines that bring the drawing to life.

My cousin had bought a  replica of the one of his sketches….and by sketch i really mean a rough draft of some sort not fully colored, for 150$. I myself would grab it off google images and just print it, but…you gotta respect the artist right? lol

Go check him out at http://www.chipfoose.com

and definitely go check out Green Hornet.

Rakim Airbrush

This just finished. Actually its an old painting that i had to revamp. it stood 4 feet high at one point but then redid it and now its half. Is that allowed??

Imagine Da Vinci taking down the Mona Lisa and cropping it or adding something else to it…would it still be the same?

So maybe I went against the laws of art but I find that it looks much better. But isn’t art all about personal expression?

airbrush: 2 hours (intially)

revamp:1 hour


Let me know what you think of this?



Another Airbrush Painting.

So as Christmas approaches, I have customers asking for me to paint random stuff. I shouldnt be doing this but i have to show you one of the pieces I recently completed. They asked for a snow boarder and then to put my creative touches. And this is what came out of that.

3 hours and 1 Red Bull.

Media: Airbrush and spray paint.



And it has begun. I received these items from Build-a-Bear yesterday and it seems that people are now catching on to the custom tees for their bears.

The way it works is that I do my pick ups on Tuesday and return them on Friday for customers to pick up their items at the Build-a-Bear location.

We might have to change that since I know for a fact that the holiday rush is gonna be bananas!

I mean who wouldn’t want a personalized shirt or jersey. What scares me is not the amount of shirts that will be coming in, but the time that they will be coming in. I wouldn’t be surprised if Christmas Eve was the busiest day of the season.

So consider this a warning, if you come at 4:55pm on Christmas Eve, expect the Grinch to be serving you. lol!!!



Alright so its going down next week at Tapis Rouge located in downtown Montreal. Our goal for this event is to collect as much canned food for the less fortunate. We will be partnering up with Endigee Clothing and doing custom shirts on the spot. For only 10$, you will be able to get anything you want on a shirt. All profits from this will be donated to the SUN YOUTH FOUNDATION.

I’m a true believer in not only giving back to the community but also helping one another. There maybe times where you will struggle in life but there is always someone else who has it worst. And its a strong action when you help out someone even if you are dealing with your own problems. It not only bring great Karma but in a way cleanses the soul. And I wish that it wasn’t always around this time that people decide to “give”, it should be done all year ’round.

So swing on by Tapis Rouge next week and bring your canned goods or donation and have a good time with us. As mentioned on the flyer, there will be musical acts from the city’s finest, and music by some of Montreal’s top djs.

See you there

Cancer Stinks…

It sucks that to this day, there is still no cure for cancer. I myself know some who have survived it, and unfortunately some who haven’t. But if we come together and fight it, we will soon find a cure.

Today Mephitis Clothing, a Montreal based clothing line, has announced the launch of their special edition “Cancer Stinks” tee.

Within the next few days I should have more info as to how much these tees are going for, and which foundation they have chosen to donate money to.

I find it such a great, and genuine gesture for a company to take time and raise money for such a cause.

As Q-tip (tribe called quest) said, and I use this quote all the time, it should be mine lol, “PROGRESSIONS CAN’T BE MADE , IF WE’RE SEPARATE FOREVER”.


Stay tuned

Shirt of the week: Breath Habs

So for this weeks shirt of the week I designed this new piece. For all you Montreal Habs lover, this shirt is for you.

To be honest with you, if you dont feel the Habs you can always customize the artwork and i can put your favorite team in there, but I gotta support my city’s team.

available for both men and women in all sizes . even for the young ones.

Price: shirt 20$, long sleeve 25$


Once again Christmas is creeping up, and very few of us are ahead and have had the Xmas list since Labour day. The rest of us on the other hand….don’t and will soon arrive at the time of the holidays that i would like to call “panic pants period”. Should you hit this point in the holidays, here are some ideas that you may want to play around with.

Number 1:

Customize clothing of what ever the person takes interest to. Get a shirt with their fav band, or  air brush their team on a shoe. We can customize any piece of clothing that comes to mind.

Price: 20$ to 65$ (depending on the type of printing used.)

Number 2:

If you want to get a little more personal, here at UC, we can airbrush your loved one or ones on canvas. It would make a great timeless piece that they can hang in their living room or office.

Price: 75$ to 200$ (depending on size)

Number 3:

If you have little ones that are obsessed with “Build-a-Bear”, why not get a customized shirt for their teddy. We can even customize Build-a-Bear hockey jerseys. And at such an affordable price why not do up the whole wardrobe….just an idea. Please note that we do not have the clothing here at the shop. All clothing for Build-a-Bear is sold only at the actual Build-a-Bear store.

Price: 15$

Number 4:

One of my personal favorite’s. Customized pillow cases and bed sheet. We can either airbrush or print on the fabric. I have a lot of customers requesting this. You can get your favorite band on the sheet with their logo on the pillow case(s), or if you that person is totally into themselves, airbrush their face on the sheet.  (Trust me Ive had people ask for that) The ideas are endless on this item.  Please note that you must bring your own bedsheet set.

Price: (full set airbrushed and or printed on) 100$

pillow cases only: 25$ to 50$ (depending if you print or airbrush)

Number 5:

Last but not lease we have, what I think might be the number one seller: Custom Hockey jerseys.

If that special someone is a big hockey fan, why not get them this awesome gift. You can put their own logo or a team logo on the front, and have their name on the back with a number. We have all sizes, and quite a few color options to choose from. Orders usually take  7 days to complete.

Price: 100$ (not bad huh?)

Well there you have it.  Hope this helps.

Should you have any questions at all just shoot us an email. All items can be ordered through email or by phone. If you do feel adventurous, you can swing by the shop.


forever young…

A few years a go I made a trip to NYC, and my first stop was the KIDROBOT boutique.  Yes you heard correct, I went to New York City for toys. And I keep telling everyone that it aint a toy, its a collector’s item. The themes they come out with are not only artistic, but so creative.

I had to stop my obsession cus once you start putting “toys” on the evil VISA, it means you have a problem.

At a certain point I thought this would slowly fade but apparently they are still hot. I see them in music videos, movies, record stores, clothing stores….damn near everywhere.

Above you will see the Gloomy Bear beating up the child. I just find that too hilarious. I have the first Gloomy Bear and after seeing this one I think I’m just gonna have to cop it too.


Right now they have the Simpsons Collection out and it looks pretty sick.


check them out: KidRobot