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I have to apologize again for the lack of posts lately. We have officially moved to a bigger location. I will be honest with you, we were located in a flea market that I am extremely grateful for but we have come to a point where we needed to expand. So for the next few days posts will be rare, but I will try to keep you all posted as much as I can.

Anyhow, I have come across some great sites that offer free vectors!!! Yes for all you graphic designers out there ready made vectors is like finding hidden 1up mushroom in Mario Bros. (too old school??)

If they do have a donate option, send them a little something if you can.

Enjoy: Vectors



This week we remember one of the greatest emcee of all time. We all know that his career was short lived and if he was still here today, hip-hop would probably be in a different position. You know you are a true legend when 15 years after you pass, your music still echoes in clubs and on the radio, with a fair amount of video plays on tv.

Now one of my favorite dj’s, J.period, has released a 2 volume set mixtape, and although I may not know J personally, I will give him some promo on my blog, cus this guy is a monster with the mixtapes.

And the one thing that I love about this dude is that he keeps hiphop real. Most of the tapes he comes out with, he puts them up for free download, and the quality of the tapes are sell worthy, but thats why I say he is real, cus hip-hop was meant to be told, not to be sold, right?

Enjoy the free download

Ubertwitter fail!!!

Well this sucks. For those of you that have received error messages on your Ubertwitter account on whatever phone you are using, well it has nothing to do with your phone or your account. Its the actual application.
Heres the message, link

Looks like someone at “Uber” made a boo boo.

I just downloaded the real twitter app for blackberry and it actually works better and has a better interface.


Finding NYC….

So its been nearly a week since i last posted and something and there is a very good reason for that. I went down to New York City for a Mens Fashion Trade show, and to find some sort of inspiration for the upcoming fall lines that I will be working on in the upcoming months.

Now I’m not sure if it was because it was the beginning of the  week when we decided to go, but NYC was sort of quiet. It felt like a friday night in Montreal LOL!

Met lots of people that had nothing to do but complain about the economy. I think its in a way healthy for people to experience a hit like that and as a result,  it woke up some people, because I also met people that are back on the grind, hustling. Meaning, they are going back out there and doing some hard core leg work again. You kind of have to, doesn’t matter what size your business is.

Any how, here’s my weeks report on whats hot in nyc, which is good forecast for all you designers out there. Save yourself a trip to NYC and just read this nutshell of what’s going down. (forgive me if there are any typos, Im an artist not an english teacher.)


As stated earlier this year, the direction of mens graphics is definitely going simple. No more of the Ed Hardy look, which I think only Ed Hardy will be the only one to get away with that look still. No more big prints, for example Affliction tees. Simple.

A good template, or example of what every one is into now, is none other than Ralph Lauren. Everyone is knocking him off, like its going out of style. (pun) But the thing is it won’t. I see this look probably stretching for the next 2-3 years.

Another good line to look at is G-star. If your line is more of the casual city type, this is a good line to look at for inspiration.

I saw a lot of text and font based designs which apparently work well. In other words, dumb it down, you dont have to spend hours on a design or graphic. Just some simple word play with maybe a line stroke here and there would do the job.

Now my buddy and I have found something that we know for sure that will be hot for the upcoming season’s but I  dont think i should put that out there, only because the competition maybe reading this. But dont be too upset, as soon as production is finished, I will definitely let you in on the goods.


Before I end this, I just want to say that its damn expensive to be an artist. And all of you other artist out there know what I’m talking about when I say that because we have to go to anther city, just to find inspiration. We are never satisfied with what we are provided in our own city. But I think thats the beauty of it. We are forced to be explorers.

Lastly, we gotta stop complaining of what’s wrong with business, or anything that you’ve invested in. Start focusing on what a blessing it is to actually have your own business or grind if you will. And you will see that things will start to change. Trust me.



Art is my life

I dont know if some of you have notice that the blog entries have been sort of on and off. And there is a very good reason for that. Ive been working on other ventures which you will soon find out about in the near future, but one of them is my personal gallery which is planned for the spring. I will be showcasing my past artwork along with recent ones Ive completed.
You can actually see some of my past work on my personal site
Im known to relate most of my work with the hip-hop culture but this time around you will see I went with something dark and personal.
thanks for your patience.

So we are here at the Morburn Music Food Drive customizing tees live and on the spot. The even will be going probably till 3 am, so swing on by and get a custom tee for 10$, and all profits will go to the Sun Youth Foundation. I wish I can provide pics but that can wait till tomorrow.
We are at Tapis Rouge, in the heart of downtown Montreal. Check the flyer above for full address.

Small Recap of the Week…

So here’s whats been happening at the print shop this week. I guess you can call it highlights. Its been mad busy especially now that Christmas is right around the corner, and I’ve decided to ask Santa for either 1: a mini me, who can help me with the small errands that I need to run, or 2: a regular size assistant that can handle the big errands that need to be done.

Anyhow, I had a special request to show up to a birthday party and airbrush tshirts on the spot for the kids. It was a beautiful sweet 16 party and the kids were loving it. Here’s a pic of 50 completed shirts after 3 hours of pumping them out.Sorry for the quality. I took it with my phone.

The most requested stencil was a tie between Drake and Riley from Boondocks.

And the rest all requested their nick names on their shirt

If you need more details on us doing parties and events, pls feel free to email us.

Now lastly are the pics of the shirts that have stood out of the rest this week .

This first pic with the skeleton body, that was requested by a “special client”. If you read my tweets you will understand why this person is special.

But I have to admit its a pretty cool shirt . What doesnt show in this pic is that headphones actually wrap around the neck.

Here’s the rest!

Holiday Hours

Starting this week we will be open from Wednesday (10-6), all the way to Sunday (9-5). For all you last minute shoppers I suggest you take advantage of this. haha. Keep in mind that we have a 2 for 1 airbrush special going on now, as well as a 2 for 40$ shirt and cap combo or 2 shirt combo.

And if you still don’t know where we are located, click on “contact us”. If you are not in the city, we do offer delivery.




So starting this week we will start our new promotion: 2 for 1 airbrushing. From caps to pillow cases. nor matter what it is we will double the job for the price of ONE!
This offer ends this Sunday, 19th of December.
Jobs usually take between 2-3 days to be completed. So if its a Christmas rush now is the time.