So here’s whats been happening at the print shop this week. I guess you can call it highlights. Its been mad busy especially now that Christmas is right around the corner, and I’ve decided to ask Santa for either 1: a mini me, who can help me with the small errands that I need to run, or 2: a regular size assistant that can handle the big errands that need to be done.

Anyhow, I had a special request to show up to a birthday party and airbrush tshirts on the spot for the kids. It was a beautiful sweet 16 party and the kids were loving it. Here’s a pic of 50 completed shirts after 3 hours of pumping them out.Sorry for the quality. I took it with my phone.

The most requested stencil was a tie between Drake and Riley from Boondocks.

And the rest all requested their nick names on their shirt

If you need more details on us doing parties and events, pls feel free to email us.

Now lastly are the pics of the shirts that have stood out of the rest this week .

This first pic with the skeleton body, that was requested by a “special client”. If you read my tweets you will understand why this person is special.

But I have to admit its a pretty cool shirt . What doesnt show in this pic is that headphones actually wrap around the neck.

Here’s the rest!